What is Crow Forest Farm?

I am currently living on 8 acres of land on the edge of national forest.  I live in a purple octogonal house with a wood burning stove.  My home is only 1.6 miles from where I work, so I can bicycle there easily.

The property is covered with apple, pear, paw paw, chestnut, persimmon, mulberry, and walnut trees.  There are also many wild perenials, including asparagus, horseradish, sorrel, ground-cherries, creeping charlie, onion grass, and mallow. Every day, I go outside and forage something new.  I’ve been experimenting with harvesting and cooking with wild foods.  I realized that I was doing so much cool culinary stuff that I should post it short-and-sweet on a regular basis.

The property also has several sheds, and two outbuildings that I rent out.  The property also has a sauna, a hot tub that needs to be fixed, and a small creek running along the edge of the property.

When I was uncertain if I had made the right decision re: leaving NYC, this place dropped in my lap.  It was a sign from the universe that I was on the right path.  My Mom pointed out to me that, when I was a child, I had designed a round house in shop class.  Indeed, Crow Forest Farm is everything I’ve ever dreamed.  My hope is to make this space a permaculture institute, particularly for international students and youth.

Every morning, a black crow wakes me up at my window.  The land named itself.  Crow Forest Farm: dreams are truly possible if you have an open heart.

Crisp storage pears

Crisp storage pears


We have a nice grove of paw paw trees in our forest : )

IMG_2488 IMG_2512

2 thoughts on “What is Crow Forest Farm?

  1. Christina, So nice to meet you at WAAF! I can’t wait to see what you are foraging and eating. I am way into that as well. You may just have inspired me to get blogging again as well!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Jill Gabli

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